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CNC lathe quality control

Release time:2019-11-27 15:20:42

If the ordinary lathes used and the lathes used for a long time are not modified, and only new CNC lathes are purchased, it will increase the cost of equipment of many manufacturers. Therefore, it is necessary for manufacturers to carry out numerical control transformation on ordinary lathes and lathes that have been used for a long time.
As the NC transformation is complicated and messy for the transformation manufacturers, how to control the quality of the transformed NC machine tools has been a problem we have always discussed. Here we talk about how to carry out the quality control of the transformation of NC lathes.
Ordinary lathe CNC transformation is divided into new machine transformation and old machine transformation. The new machine transformation is that users purchase ordinary lathes or ordinary light machines (referring to lathes with bedside boxes and vertical and horizontal guides only), and the transformation manufacturers perform numerical control according to their requirements. Makeover. Retrofitting of old machines refers to the refurbishment of conventional lathes or numerically controlled lathes that have been used by the user and the digital transformation. Among them, old machine transformation includes overhaul lathe transformation and user machine transformation. Here we talk about the mechanical quality control methods, focus on control points and inspection process of rebuilding CNC lathes.
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