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How to use NC machine tool turret?

Release time:2019-11-27 15:46:24

         The use method of NC machine tool-type tool holder: Just set the code of each tool separately during programming, and remember the corresponding code of this tool during programming. If you need to modify the parameters, you can use the CNC tool post by repeating the above operations after the parameters are changed.
        The NC tool post allows the NC lathe to complete a variety of or even all of the processing steps in a single clamping of the workpiece, in order to shorten the processing auxiliary time, reduce the errors caused by multiple installation of the workpiece during the processing, thereby improving the machining efficiency and Precision.
        The NC tool post uses rotary indexing to realize automatic tool exchange and rotary power tool transmission. Therefore, the technology content is high, and it has become a professional development and production. Therefore, the research and development and application of CNC turret tool post have caused the CNC machine tool industry's attention.
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