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How many levels of accuracy can be achieved by lathe machining?

Release time:2019-11-27 15:47:41

Dimensional accuracy or roughness accuracy or shape and position tolerance grade accuracy. The machine tool can control the dimensional accuracy of 0.01mm from the factory, for roughness up to 1.6, and for shape and position tolerances such as coaxiality, concentricity, runout, straightness. The flatness and verticality can be guaranteed as follows;
External circle accuracy 0.01
External cylindricalness 0.01 / 100
Flatness of end face 0.02 / 200
Thread pitch accuracy 0.06 / 300
Usually, the precision of machining refers to four points:
1, dimensional tolerance
2, shape tolerance
3.Position tolerance
4. Surface finish (As for the other largest physical size, the concept has only appeared in recent years.
You did not say that the ordinary car is the highest machining accuracy of the ordinary car on the CNC car. The numerical control accuracy is higher, but this is not absolute, such as the outer circle tolerance of 0.01-0.02mm. Ordinary lathes can also be reached. In addition to the precision dimensions of the outer circle, it also depends on the drawing's requirements for the finish of the outer circle. For example, if the tolerance of the outer circle is 0.01--0.02mm and the smoothness is 1.6-3.2, then you can choose an ordinary lathe or a CNC lathe. The finish is 0.8 or higher, then you can't choose a lathe, you should choose a grinder. Sometimes drawings require dimensional tolerances between 0.01-0.05, you can choose lathes, CNCs, milling machines, machining centers, but if you also have high requirements for coaxiality, perpendicularity, parallelism, you must consider grinding machines Machining or another machine.
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